28 March 2014

Crash bang

Here comes the Maersk Jaun

28,361 tons, steaming in to Port Nelson, just below our rental house. Ready to load and unload containers.

Unfortunately for me, this activity goes on all night, crash bang, crash bang.........

Night time view from my bedroom.

Hurrah....she's leaving on the morning tide

with some tug boat help through the cut

If truth be known, I love the port activity and look forward to it every year.


  1. love your view but don't envy you the noise....

  2. Ear plugs might be in order, but I'd certainly put up with the racket if I had that view to wake up to in the morning.

  3. What view..I don't blame you for going there..is it every morning?

  4. It beats waking up to the dustmen!

  5. Your view looks wonderful, but I too would hate all the noise!!


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