24 March 2014


Op shops in Nelson NZ are very tempting. 

As much as I would have liked to clean up on casseroles and china, luggage allowance limited me to

vintage scarves and ties  (most now online in my etsy shops) and buttons!

I specially like the way the Hospice Shop sews them on old playing cards.

Some of the buttons have already found their new home......I was going to do a 'new knitting' post but this is the only item I made, however, aren't those wee square m-o-p buttons adorable?


All in all, I spent $20 - $25 over 7 weeks and I am only showing you a small fraction of the loot. Time and money well spent.


  1. You are doing well as usual Jan. Are those green thingies in the first photograph buttons? They are gorgeous.

  2. ooooh - buttons!!! You found some lovely ones (and I like the playing card idea too).

  3. Those buttons are fab, especially the turquoise and green ones in the top picture.

  4. It's been lovely catching up on your trips this morning with my green tea..
    From the wild chickens to the food.. welcome flag..blue skies..and heat:)
    Unlike here!

  5. oh yes, I'm partial to the odd button too....


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