30 April 2012

Sunday at the market

Sunday at St Lawrence Market was not a terrific day for me.

 First, I took lousy photographs of my booth, you can see much better ones here at Lisa's blog. I did sell quite a bit of fabric though and most of the above has gone to new homes.

 Lots of the other booths looked appealing. I am always into a bit of inexpensive cutlery.

Beautiful color in this complete vanity set.

 Every summer I read a classic that I have never read before, so as it was a slow day  I picked up 'A Passage to India ' for 2012 and got started on it,

Must say I'm glad I don't have to polish the silver.


  1. Oooh, thanks for the shout out Jan! Great photos. That vanity set is sublime.

  2. That vanity set is incredible. I bet it could tell quite a story of its history.

  3. Fabulous finds. All of the luscious fabric---I'm drooling. I can just see that little case with the pink satin lining on the Orient Express just waiting for milady to freshen up.

  4. Hope your markets improve. It's getting hot here making our markets busy in the AM but by noon it's dead. Dreaming of cooler weather...

    Warm hugs,



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