21 April 2012

Cathedral Window

Today is my birthday, we are spending it quietly at home. R gave me an i-pad and soon you will be the recipients of my experiments. Thankfully, it comes with lessons that this dinosaur sorely needs.

I picked up this Cathedral Window quilt yesterday, just needs a little tidy up. I am not sure if I will put it in my etsy shop as it is so heavy the shipping will be exorbitant. Actually, I am not very fond of Cathedral Window, too much fiddling and potting about for the sake  of being clever in my opinion. I'll never sell it with a remark like that!


  1. Happy Birthday - I'd sing, but I have it on good authority that you REALLY don't want me to!! Hopefully you will get cake along with your ipod.

  2. D'awwww... I think it's lovely!

    Happy birthday by the way x

  3. Many Happy Returns! Wishing you a wonderful day and lots fun 'playing' with your new toy. Great gift! x

  4. I hope you had a very happy birthday and have lots of fun with your new toy! Take care.

  5. Very happy birthday to you, hope you have a lovely day x

  6. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!Hope you had a great day.

    Hope you have fun learning to use your ipad - i wouldnt have a clue!

    Love the quilt, I have never had a go at making cathedral window patchwork as it always looks so darn fiddly, but it does look impressive, and this one s pretty in a nonchalant kind of way with the use of random fabrics!

    Gill xx

  7. But, but, I've missed your birthday! Happy (belated) Birthday. Sending lots of wishes your way, Jan. xoxo Are you login' the new iPad? do tell.

    The quilt is a beauty. Love the colors, too.

  8. Happy belated birthday Jan! Hope it was a special one...

    I love the quilt - inherited one from my mother-in-law and can so appreciate all the time it took to hand piece together.

    Warm hugs,

  9. LOL, I agree with your sentiments about the quilt; I've never wanted to try that Cathedral Design - it's just too 'busy'.


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