18 October 2013

lets see......

Last Saturday this vibrant group ( sorry,lovelies, I do not know who you are) danced their butts or bellies off at the Brickworks.

 They had such a good time, and so did the spectators.

Inspired by them, and at the request of a customer,I decided to put together a basket of Indian and Asian vintage fabrics to take with me to market tomorrow.

Not a 'look 'I usually take to Evergreen . A more country approach seem to fit the venue, but we shall see.

I must say I have some gorgeous pieces.


  1. They are gorgeous Jan but, whenever I see fabrics like this, I don't know what to do with them apart from make cushions which wouldn't suit every d├ęcor. Any ideas?

  2. I always think you get the most 'bang for your bucks' in terms of fabric with a sari.
    How about upcycling to a more modern jacket, you could even have a matching evening bag ....

  3. Those sorts of fabrics are often fodder for crazy quilting...when I was building my stash I picked up several saris and cut them up. They have such lovely bright colours!

  4. Asian textiles have a wonderful vibrancy to them.....almost as if they ''sing''. How are you?? I am getting to be so bad at keeping up with people...sorry....I hope everything is amazing in your world!!

    1. I don't expect someone as busy as you to 'keep up'


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