22 October 2013

In hiding

Once more I have unearthed a collection of items I had totally forgotten.

A bag of vintage gentlemens ties that were hidden under a bulky collection of saris.

There were old 4  cravats, my favorite is the Macclesfield silk. It may be from the 1930s as the silk weavers in Macclesfield were mostly churning out parachutes during the war. I was treated like a queen when I toured Paradise Mills in Macclesfield a few years ago.

Some nice mid century designs....

 as well as 1970s flower power.  A quick swish in suds is required for most, but I think I can revive them so that they will join my tie section on Etsy

  Popped into Goodwill on my way to the Post Office this morning and picked up another Liberty scarf for my collection.... nice deep ruby red and olive.

.......thank goodness the summer doldrums are over.


  1. Oh the thrill of discovery...both at home and 'abroad'!!

  2. Who ARE all these people who keep stuffing Liberty scarves into bin bags for the charity shops?

  3. Some great material here, you never know where you might find something different.


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