28 October 2013


Firushiki, the traditional japanese wrapping cloths are sometimes found in the scarf section of my local thrift stores.

Always beautifully designed,

with fine quality printing,

  they may be modern or


  They may be rayon, silk or cotton.

 When I have collected a dozen or so they are put in a basket and taken with me to market.

Occasionally  I am lucky enough to find some hand painted and signed.. but not often.

I am going to print thishttp://furoshiki.com/techniques to pop in the basket. 


  1. How interesting! My favourite has got to be the Japanese ladies.

  2. Definitely intriguing - and using the technique for wrapping gifts means that the recipient gets TWO gifts in one!

  3. Your local thrift stores are AMAZING, what finds.

    Jean x

    1. It takes me quite a while to collect these...I don't go in and pick up a dozen!

  4. A friend of mine deals in kimonos and other Japanese items and introduced me to these some time ago. I have never, however, quite got the knack of tying them so that they look good enough to give as a gift. Must keep practicing.
    I like the green one with the tied bundle - it took me lots of views to realise they weren't really a bundle but an image printed onto the fabric. Must get some glasses.

  5. Glasses are a good idea, but I still find myself peering over the top of mine.
    They make spectacular cushions, but the fronts also have have to be backed with muslin.


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