12 May 2013

The start of the Brickworks Farmers Market

The Brickworks Farmers Market has now moved outside for the summer and I have my old space back....  

  This year I have an extra 'bench' a lovely piece of reclaimed wood owned by Shelf Life, to use for display....very useful.

 May 4th was sunny and warm and I am happy to report I had a good day. Some of the above quilts found new homes. Its always useful to take photographs so I can see my glaring display mistakes, like the crooked pink table covering.

 May 11th not so good. Bitterly cold and windy. The music was supplied by The Horables.....that cheered me up.

 As usual, some super friendly customers, like this vibrant mother and daughter modelling the vintage Aran sweaters they bought from me and wore right away. It was the first time I had found a child's real Irish cardi, I think it went in the first half an hour.

Off to a good start for the summer market season.    I have lots of plans and new ideas.


  1. Jan, you really do have some fantastic quilts. I could roll about in them all day. However, I would mug you for that gorgeous piece of reclaimed wood - although making off with it wouldn't be easy.

  2. Yummy quilts - such pretty light there!
    Would love to learn more about the star quilt behind the pink flower garden!

  3. That last photo says everything--happy customers, beautiful textiles!


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