08 May 2013

Blinked and I missed it

Day 1, April 24th, our magnolia is starting to bloom. This was taken from my second floor where I do the ironing.

April 26th, Mmmm, its coming along, I love the way it glows against the gray and chilly sky.

April 29th, filling in nicely, but I see bits of green leaves already trying to push the blooms away.

I stepped out May 3rd and this is what I got.

From 24 degrees to 8 in about a week. Blink and you miss spring here..... what a  climate!


  1. I love magnolias but haven't managed to get one going in our garden. We have got a Judas Tree though which is lovely and purply pink at the mo.

  2. We were out for breakfast this morning and someone there was saying that 'they' were predicting the four-letter word we hate for next week. What's with THAT?!!! I'm flatly refusing to listen to the weather report because I really don't want to know.


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