21 May 2013


Hiding at the bottom of a tub of vintage fabrics .

About 30 printed feedsacks that I had forgotten about.

Some have already been sold at the Brickworks Farmers Market last Saturday, the rest are coming with me to  the Christie Antique Show this weekend.   ( Booth M6  hint hint)

Tons of information about printed feedsacks to be found on the web, whether it be history, sites to buy  or  images

My favorite in this once lost collection is this....pretty tea cups and saucers.


  1. Just think what other treasures you have hidden!
    I loved the teacups too :o)
    Rose H

  2. Very interesting Jan. Did they have feedsacks like these in the U.K. too or was it just the U.S. and Canada. Not that I'm suggesting you were around to personally witness it but thought you might know. It's just I don't recall seeing or hearing about feedsacks in the U.K.

  3. Very interesting, and I love the patterns. Didn't have them in England - nor France it seems - I think that both used plain jute or linen sacks, although the old French sacks often had red monograms, and printed adverts for the more modern ones.

  4. Beautiful fabrics, I'd love to find them at the bottom of my stash! I don't think I've ever seen anything like that here in the UK

  5. Lovely fabrics - if well being was a textile it would be feedsack.

  6. I totally love (and lust after) these

  7. When I saw those beautifully patterned sacks I got butterflies in my stomach. So gorgeous, so appealing so useful and so thrifty they are just perfect.

    Jean x

  8. The variety of feedsack prints never fails to amaze me. And the way some of them look so very modern, too, is astounding. Thanks for sharing them!

  9. amazing finds! wow! I want them all - I do adore vintage fabrics - they always cheer me up. I need to take out my boxes of them again and have a look see! :)


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