20 February 2013

The Importance of Being Ernest

It was the coldest night of the week when we showed up for the outdoor theater held in the grounds of  Fairfield House......its a natural amphi-theater, as well as a beautiful garden.

The whole town turns out for this, mums and dads, kids, teens and grannies...its wonderful to see.

It seems you are nobody unless you come prepared with a huge picnic. (though there are 'refreshments' on hand)

 We are slowly learning Kiwi ways, at least we bought our own camping chairs.

The Importance of Being Ernest was this years choice.

 Performed by a local troop Body in Space.

Let me tell you,  this group is terrific.....professional,energetic, very funny and lively. 
Despite the weather we had a great time!!


  1. This is a great play and what a fun way to see it. I miss the outdoor performances I used to attend at the Sydney Festival years ago. Take care.

  2. We've been to a few outdoor plays here, in Uk - they're good fun, aren't they? Envy you being in NZ - went there about 9 yrs ago and LOVED it! x

  3. That looks delightful! I love theater, and especially outdoors. Wonderful.


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