15 February 2013

opping in NZ

With strict luggage weight restrictions I am very limited as to what I can buy in New Zealand's thriving op-shops.  A shame as they are very tempting.

 So, I limit myself to old  sewing and  knitting patterns as they are easy to pack.

 A few knitting tools. Particularly interesting is the hand crafted wooden needle case ( at least, thats what I think it is)  marked 'bungleam   14'.  A steal at 10 cents.

 The odd skein or ball  of wool, some I have already made into ascots or neck scarves. I made up the pattern and know it by heart, some  refinements needed.
 I thought that the 4ply wool crepe would make a sweater for Oliver, now 2 years old , but on closer inspection each ball is a slightly different tone. Ah well, I'm sure they will be used somehow.

 Best buy was a 40s patchwork knitting bag, not only do I love it but it was free!! as there is some damage. I
Although they are not vintage I am also picking up bamboo or wooden needles because apparently  I can now take them through security at the airport.

As usual, a few interesting scarves, some already for sale in one of  my etsy shops.

ps, I'm trying to link this to a charming blog that links peoples op-shop finds 'Blackbird has spoken' but, as usual, this techno dinosaur is making a mess of it.


  1. ahh, beautiful scarf! good to hear about the wooden needles being allowed on planes. i always fossick in the knitting drawers at my local oppy and have been thinking about collecting wooden knitting needles, just to have in a jar to enjoy the different wood grains and finishes, i do love a bit of treen!
    great to have you linking up again, do keep linking when your back on home turf, i'd love to hear about the Canadian thrifting culture x

  2. I have some wonderful old quilting books (long out of print) found in Op shops and you have some wonderful finds. Enjoy your travels.

  3. What's an op shop? Is it a like a charity shop? It must be torture to have to limit yourself at those prices. You are not such a dinosaur Jan - the link worked!

  4. Thank you for sharing about your op shop finds in New Zealand.

    I live in New Zealand and well appreciate all the goodies you were able to 'fit' into your bag to take home.

    Thanks for coming our way!

  5. Hello
    I work in an OpShop in Taupo NZ.
    So interesting to read your take on NZ Op shops. I love opshopping. Always excited when I make a good find!


  6. I think I have a couple of those Stitchcrafts - I definitely have that white needle gauge! Old knitting magazines are such fun, I read through mine whenever I'm feeling blue.


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