13 February 2013

The Hacket Track

A walk on the beautiful Hacket Track

                                   in the Anniseed valley of Tasman district, here in New Zealand.

 A very nicely kept, fairly easy walk to Whispering Falls.

  The most challenging part was the swinging  bridge, crossing is never one of my favorite activities.

Fabulous weather for walking through native and logging forests.

 But,  the best part was that it was my first 'hike' with two new hips!!!  Must say I am somewhat proud of myself.


  1. well done, stunning views! x

  2. Go Jan! I envy that path. We have had more damp weather than is usual here and the place is awash with mud - can this really be the S. of France?

  3. I'm so enjoying your travelogue, and making notes for my next trip to NZ which will be next year. We're hoping to go to the Napier Art Deco weekend. Well done with the hike too.
    Jean x


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