09 September 2011

a nice surprise

A nice surprise yesterday, my prize from Nelly arrived, all the way from Australia.

Lots of lovely vintage buttons (I love buttons) and trim.....all beautifully packaged in 1970s fabric. I don't often enter blog giveaways, those with experience take photos of the pretty packages, but I tore mine open right away.
Nelly has a great blog and a wicked sense of humor.

I was so excited I fell up the stairs and bruised my ribs, now I can't laugh or bend over!

more blanket labels for my collection ....well photos, hopefully the blankets will sell at the Christie antiques fair tomorrow

The Whitney one has a nice art deco look.

The Rainbow sheet has been in my collection for several years, time for it to move on.


  1. What a wonderful prize! I love buttons, too. They are just so much fun to use to decorate or just keep. My granddaughter came over last year and separated part of my collection by color and I still have them in the plastic bags that she put them in so that I could "find all of the ones that are the same together." :)

  2. oh yes, Love buttons too. I agree with Lois, as I a kid I got great enjoyment from sorting colours, as did my gr'daughter. A great rainy day 'task'.

  3. The buttons etc from Nelly are lovely, a gorgeous prize from a gorgeous (and yes, very funny) girl. What really has me swooning are those lovely old blanket labels...the Witney label is super.

  4. So glad you loved it all and I do hope your rib is better

  5. Great selection of buttons...lucky you! Wonderful prize from Nelly...must check out her blog, fellow Aussie.
    Thanks for you lovely comment re: my latest stitching for the Magic Diaries.

    Jacky xox


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