28 September 2011

just the begining

Autumn has started on the shores of Lake Huron.

everywhere there are changing colors

and scrumptious textures.

I wish I was still designing printed fabrics

and embroidering.

Even the pine needles blown on the rocks look enticing.

This flame red is a small maple that has adopted us.

Pine cones look like a 1930s printed dress cotton.

But because this is a textile blog I will show my latest blanket label ( sorry it is sideways) from the Ottawa Valley.

See the lambs gamboling over the hills....I wonder what they did for the 6 0r 7 months there was 10 feet of snow on the ground?


  1. Oh Jan, what glorious autumn colour you see. I just love the shots you've shared, and I must say I would love to see the fabric you would design with these colours in mind. We don't see a lot of autumn colour here. I really love the leaves floating on the water. I am feeling the springtime allergies at the moment. Take care.

  2. Lovely autumn colour and love the Label. Jan, can you cahnge by old blog link (Knitsisters) to my new one please: www.heikeknits.wordpress.com
    Thanks a lot

  3. Wonderful autumnal foliage, great photos. I just love this time of year dont you?
    How great that you designed fabrics - its what i always wanted to do. Would really love to see some of your designs in a post.
    The Decorative Fair was great although a bit scarce on the textiles front I felt.Was it like that when you went? There seemed to be only 4 or 5 textiles sellers out of over 100.
    Gill xx

  4. Fabulous post full of the colours of the season, makes me homesick, have a great Thanksgiving weekend


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