07 June 2011

Show and Tell

Some good finds yesterday.
a beautiful 1930s quilt with bouquet blocks and that lovely special 30s green. It is damaged, but repairable. Good readers, I took your advice a few weeks ago and listed a quilt 'as is', it sold within hours, so I shall do the same with this one.

This one is also damaged, but not such an easy sell. Should I cut it down and rebind or sell as is? Already washed, each block is pieced in different colored shirtings.....I love it.

3.5 yards of woven Chinese fabric...quite modern, I think but eye catching and it shows well.

couple of yards of novelty print, again, not so old but I like it just the same.

I was quite pleased with that mornings work.


  1. I'd be pleased with that mornings work too, that first quilt is to die for :o) Scarlett x

  2. lovely finds, the 1st quilt is indeed special. love it.

  3. What great quilts Id be tempted to keep em all tho lol

  4. I love the eau de nil green in that beautiful quilt Jan, its one of my favourite colours, the novelty print is cute too.

  5. Adore the first quilt as one of my favourite colours is Eau de Nil..great finds, they should sell well for you

  6. Morning Jan....!

    THANKS so much for your comment Lovey....I'm GLAD you had a chuckle.... :o) !!

    These finds are DIVINE....ESPECIALLY the first quilt....The green is TO DIE FOR & I LOVE the design....!!

    I too have a fabric fettish & at the moment I'm ADORING vintage sheets....Though in all honesty, I can't go past ANYTHING if it's pre mid 70's....I'd PREFER older textiles of course but it's slim pickings down here.... :o) !!

    Enjoy the weekend when it rolls around to your side of the world....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)


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