25 June 2011

Brickworks Farmers Market.. somewhat depressing .

Another very disappointing day at the Brickworks Farmers Market. It used to be my favorite market, lively and interesting, but now non-food has been moved to the other side of the parking lot, away from the action. I don't think anyone does well in this location. I miss the farmers and doing my grocery shopping.

On the bright side I was next to a super booth operated by 100milefinds. who run a website where customers can search for unique, local vendors.They had a very pretty stall displaying crafts from some of their members. I'm very impressed and may join myself.

Rather than whinge on, I will show you what I got for a significant birthday this year...French doors.! I never did like those old sliding patio doors.

and some fab full blown roses from our garden (at last)


  1. The roses are beautiful! The doors are wonderful, too. Yes, location is everything at a craft market.

  2. Belas fotos.
    Sou seguidora.

  3. Oh, your roses are so beautiful! By the way, I have given you a blog award; come on over and see!

  4. Wow, beautiful roses, always seem better when cut from the garden. French doors are a fabulous pressie to yourself. Nx

  5. Sorry to hear that the new location in the farmers the market still hasn't picked up.

    What a great idea for your present, happy birthday if I have missed it?

    Tam x

  6. Lovely doors, I see why you like them so..and fabulous roses..

  7. Lovely doors and roses.

  8. Love your roses! I have some roses in the garden as well, but never cut them. I guess I should to adorn a little bit my house :)
    Too bad they moved the location in the market, maybe it's time to search for another one?

  9. I'm a French door kind of girl too..they look wonderful.My roses have those awful bugs:(

  10. If you have a well-maintained patio, you definitely got to put up a nice entrance to it. A good looking door with glass on it will never go out of style. Just look at your french doors. They look fine and very expensive. Great pick!

    Merrill Pride @Love Your Windows


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