23 June 2011

A new thrift shop....

Always a thrill when I stumble across a new thrift shop. This was on the way to our cabin. I scored big time on the scarves.

including this Richard Allen. I believe he designed for Jacqmar and I have several tucked away somewhere. I will try to collect them together and list them on flickr.

Unfortunately, in my excitement, and given the fact that I had a very impatient R sitting in the car, I made quite a few mistakes....as in this interesting Sorbonne scarf that has tons of color bleed. Still, they will all go into my craft box.
No Hermes or Liberty, unlike Scarlett who picked a winner this week.

Scooped up some delightful, sell able fabrics, like this 1970s piece

4 yards of quilting cotton and some ticking...one is a pillowcase and quite old I think. The other is a remnant and I never know whether to even it out.... as it is quite difficult to describe or show a piece that is cut into.
I will certainly make a return visit as I spied a great pile of old blankets .... next time I will allot more time

Once at the cabin I mended this 30s star quilt as much as I could ....I am not an expert restorer. Already up on etsy, although I do not know why I am bothering to list when the postal strike is ongoing.


  1. Great finds! That's also a lovely quilt.

  2. great finds... always love a new scarf stash find. Richard Allan's scarves seem to be well collected, I have had several over the years and always sold first time up on eBay. His designs are bold and his signature scarves are top quality. I know the ones sold in Australia all have good retail shop names in the 'designed exclusively for..... by Richard Allan'

  3. you're certainly an expert when it comes to treasure hunting!

  4. I am always on the look out for thrift shops too! What a wonderful find you had.

    We'll have to chat sometime soon too about the spinning I've been doing. I think you would love doing it. Really quite easy once you get going!


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