07 March 2011

Not for the squeamish..

I am sick of all the bloggers banging on about what's coming up in their garden, and how 'spring is on its way'.
Oh yes, some of the snow is melting...

and the sun is warm at midday..

but this is what is coming up.....yuck!
pictures by my lovely young friend Claudia, who helps me with my little business.

but let us talk of a more pleasant subject.
Yesterday I found an etsy shop with wonderful photographs of the area where I was brought up in South East Kent. PhotographyIS also has a super blog. Well worth checking out.
I am feeling very nostalgic and feel that a trip to Kent is in order.


  1. I have a light dusting of snow here in Denver & I know my family back in Cleveland is suffering from miserable wet and cold weather! Spring will be here eventually though!

  2. I have tons of snow , I still can't see the ground. Its minis 25 plus wind chill... but its should get warmer in the middle of the week. When it does I will be out cleaning up the doggy doodoo.... in my rubber boots!! I have to find some cool winter boots to go with my 1950's house wife look!

  3. Thanks for dropping in.I see you have lots of yummy textiles I shall follow you and see what other treasures you find.

  4. I'm sorry to have to admit that I laughed so hard when I saw the doggy-doo photo! I should take a picture of our latest snow - we got about 6 inches on Sunday night and I'm SO sick of it!!

  5. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Its been a tough 24 hours and its funny how the kindness of "strangers" can cheer you up no end. Its a glorius crisp sunny spring day here in the uk but I wont tell you about that!

  6. I did think of you today while I was in my garden...;) I hope you get that trip to Kent!


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