07 May 2017

Signs of the Times

A sign in the entrance to Fresh Choice supermarket in Nelson,New Zealand. A pity some North American supermarkets dont follow this example instead of displaying cheap sweets at kids eye level.

However, I did laugh at this sign on the roadside by The Deep Sea Sport Fishing Club !!!  ( my exclamation marks ) on Rarotonga.  The DSSFT has changed their hours.  It used to state ' Happy Hour All Day ' until a neighbouring bar advertised  'All Day Happy Hour' !

Not sure what a 'flash design' is, but I have missed it as the offer was for December only. Also on Rarotonga 

And dont forget my alltime favourite sign.


  1. The free fruit is such a great idea! I'm wondering what a flash design is too, pity you weren't able to find out ;-) xxx

  2. I've seen the free fruit in our local Loblaws - I think it might only be on weekends though. Will have to pay more attention!

  3. I do love a funny sign. The fruit is a great idea and should be adopted everywhere.

  4. The Deep Sea Sports Fishing Club is little more than a shack on the beach!

  5. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!



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