30 May 2017

back in the saddle

Back In the saddle again for another year selling vintage textiles at The Brickworks Farmers Market.

I started when the market first opened 10 years ago.
 I saw an article in the Saturday morning paper, hopped in the car to check it out,   phoned the manager on the Monday, whizzed my check to her by Tuesday and set up the next weekend.

I've made a lot and friends and learnt a lot about food too!

The old industrial site allows me  to hang my goods all over.

More to come through the summer!!


  1. Still regret not being able to find any parking the one and only time we tried to go to the market. Don't make trips to the city much any more, now that the boys don't live there. Hope you have a great season!

    1. Not sure you would find parking today MA, though there is a new 'valet' service.

  2. Have fun - and lots of sales!

    1. thanks Lynn, I usually have fun,sales a bit 'iffy' these days


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