25 April 2017

Oh No!

My favorite UK clothing company.

 I have been a loyal customer since the 1960s - I wore a pink and white check wool suit to my engagement dinner.
The first present I bought my husband came from the Regent Street store.

The items were well made and last a lifetime, but I guess folks dont want that now.


  1. Such a shame when your favourite shops are closing down! Last year, two of the vintage shops I frequented closed down too, and I still miss them terribly ... xxx

  2. Funnily enough, I tried on a beautiful Jaeger trouser suit the other day. Somebody had donated it (having had it dry cleaned first!) to our clothing collection for our second annual fashion show. I will be modelling - or what will have to pass as modelling - 5 outfits, along with 5 others in the hope that people will buy the outfits and other items of clothing for our good cause. The Jaeger suit is navy with white pinstripes and the cut is so good I was very tempted to keep it myself but it's the same old question 'where would I wear it'. If I still worked in an office environment, I'd have had it in a heartbeat although, judging by some of the things my daughter wears to work, I might still be overdressed these days unless I was in the upper echelons. I commiserate with you anyway.

  3. They don't seem to want to sell anything that doesn't have built in obsolescence any more. It seems like there are places like this closing every day.

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