14 July 2016

Update on scarves!

Surely you didn't think I had given up on my scarf collections?
Some recent additions are

 A Liberty silk scarf with an unusual logo, looks like a royal warrant. I shall go to the Liberty Facebook page and see if I can get more information. Must have an organizing and count up day of this collection.

A very pretty Richard Allen ( goes in my Jacqmar box) with the added value of a  mourned Triminghams label.

Two new Hermes.' Qalamdan 'is in perfect condition and it will look good with my brown winter suit. Who the hell would throw it out??

A faintly stained 'Flottille' that I particularly like as it reminds me of a couple of other early Hermes in this group,

And, of course, quite a few more interesting pieces that are making their way into my etsy shop. 


  1. You definitely have an eye to spot additions to your collection - I've looked in some of the thrift shops but haven't spotted one yet. Sorry - yes I did - but it was so tattered and torn that it wasn't the least bit useful.

  2. I always gird my loins when you mention your scarf collection as I don't like to let the green monster take me over. You really rubbed it in this time though! I adore that first scarf - the colour is divine - would you describe it as eau de nil.

  3. You giving up on your scarf collection? Never! Again, you have found some really pretty ones. xxx

    1. I dont go out hunting much these days,


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