03 January 2016

First of the year

A great collection of unfinished quilt tops.

Bought from a nameless source ( OK, a country quilting shop that is going out of business ) I am slowly adding them to my etsy shop.

I have 11 altogether, some more alluring than others.

I believe they were made in a class held at the shop  - not sure.

Schoolhouse is my favorite.


  1. Schoolhouse is gorgeous and I see you have discovered how to link the photo to your shop :)

  2. Another lucky find! Sorry that the quilt shop is closed though - it's always a shame when that sort of thing happens. (Happy 2016!)

  3. Happy New Year ! What beautiful finds and will be lovely additions to any buyers collection. hugs Angela

    1. Thanks Angela, all the best for 2016

  4. The schoolhouse quilt top has been my favorite for years. I made one quilt square once (1980's) of the schoolhouse now I don't know what I ever did with it


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