27 January 2016

a few billion bucks

A few days in Los Angeles on my way to New Zealand.
A lovely, if tiring,  day out at the Getty Villa

and the next day at the Getty Museum.
Both are almost overwhelming in riches.

They have the loot of the world!

All this followed by a fabulous concert by the LA Phil in the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Its wonderful what you can do with a few billion $$$$$$


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself Jan. I can't believe that time of year has come round again where you take yourself off to NZ.

  2. Villa? Looks more like a small village!I have some Van Gogh in my collection too. I picked up some postcards from his museum in Amsterdam a few years ago and also a fridge magnet. Bet Getty doesn't have any of those in his collections. Have a rare old time in NZ. I hear it's hot there!

    1. Getty was awash with wealth. No, it does not have fridge magnets!!


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