21 August 2015

Can a label tell a story

A most evocative label inside this mid 1950s wedding dress.
" tailored in Kenya by Modern Tailoring Co. - Tailors & Outfitters - PO Box 173 - Nakaru"

Not exactly a couture garment it is made of ivory flocked taffeta with a lace insert ,

I wonder what the story is? How come it tipped up in a Toronto thrift store.
 I would have said 'ended up' in a thrift store, but hopefully,  that is not the end of this gowns career as I have it listed in one of my etsy shops.

Peter, who blogs under Male Pattern Boldness, has labels on his mind this week too.


  1. What a stunning dress and deeply special label. I feel like one could launch a novel off of that label alone - setting it, naturally in Kenya.

    Have a splendid weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I like that gown and I like the idea of spinning a tale from the label! I wonder if wedding gowns with necks and sleeves will make a comeback--I think they're so much prettier than the strapless ones that are in style now.

    1. Agree, if I see another strapless wedding dress I'll scream. but I think they are on their way out.

  3. Perfect gown for a winter wedding and the label just makes it that much more interesting.


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