02 August 2015

Brickworks Farmers Market

One of  the pleasures of selling at the Brickworks Farmers Market for the past 9 years 

is my friendship with Brenda, who helps Pegeen with the flowers. She usually pops by later in the day to cheer me up.

Here are some photos taken over the last few years.

But, whatever is going on at the market these days???

My sales have been down 80- 90 % over the last few weeks!! ( that's a helluva lot )

I have heard that farmers markets across Toronto are down 25% and read that the downtown restaurants are hurting. The blame is being put on the Pan Am Games , that were taking place,  now thankfully over.

Lets hope things improve and our regular customer will return.

Brenda, last week! Cheery as ever, Some things remain the same.


  1. That's a huge drop-off in business! I sure hope it is a passing thing and that your customers come back--I bet you're right that they were just staying out of the crush of the Games. Your friend, Brenda, brings beautiful flowers!

  2. All the flowers are un - sprayed.

  3. Hopefully, things will pick up soon for you Jan.

    1. At least I can bring my stock back next week, unlike the flowers. Yes, it's picking up a bit.

  4. Your photos are lovely, and so is your blog. Warm greetings from Montreal! :)

  5. hello Linda hope you are enjoying our lovely weather


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