24 March 2015

Tana Lawn

An amazing find today at my local Sally Ann.

 About 4 yards plus of Liberty Tana Lawn. 

All the more amazing as this shop is usually packed with just about every professional picker in Toronto. I often don't even bother to go inside.

Oh....it was $3.99.


  1. My son, who is working in London at the moment, called me on Saturday morning to say he was just on his way to Liberty's and was there anything I wanted from there. I said ring me back in ten minutes, had a quick glance online at their haberdashery dept and spotted the perfect little apple pincushion, made from Tana Lawn. When he rang back, I told him I'd found something and what do you think he said. 'Oh, sorry Mum, I've already been to Liberty's,maybe next time. Anything you want from Selfridges?!' 'What was the point in that?', said I to myself while quietly fuming,

  2. perhaps he has bought it and is saving it for your birthday....lets hope so

  3. Score!! Don't you just love it when something hops into your hands like that!!

  4. Sometimes I hate you - just a teensy bit ;)

    1. I d not often get tana lawn....think the last lot was a couple of years ago

    2. just looked it up....March 2011.


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