31 March 2015

Hermes alert

Its been a while since I had  an Hermes day at the thrift shops,

and this one, which I found last week  is a cracker. As vivid and joyful and 'in your face' as can be, in perfect condition!

Just right for spring and my collection.

###### EDIT...I realize now this is NOT an Hermes. Guess I was so excited to find it for $3.00 that I lost my mind. But it is a very good fake.


  1. It's been an even longer while since I saw one - and even then they wanted 200 euros!

    1. some of the new ones are over $400.....ridiculous IMO

  2. How can you tell that they are genuine when you spot them in charity shops (not that I'm inferring that yours are not genuine, I just wanted to know in case I get that lucky!!).

  3. I'm in shock that you found Hermes in a charity shop, why would anyone get rid of that lovely scarf?! Great find for you though, well done!

  4. Great find! Nice and colourful which is a welcome sight as we wait for spring.


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