28 November 2014

Thrifting today

A day out at the local thrift stores. I had not been for a couple of months and was having withdrawal symptoms.

The back of my van revealed the days loot. Up front a Horn Brothers emerald green blanket.

An unusual applique,  depression era quilt that is rather dirty so it is now soaking in Oxyclean.

A nice length of romantic barkcloth.

 A picnic blanket or car rug from Cape Breton. I never knew they had their own tartan. This pic will be put in my blanket label collection.

A crazy quilt top, foundation pieced from the 1940s.....perfect, never used condition.

 Dresden Plate,  just needs a couple of small seams fixed. Actually it is bright yellow, don't know what happened to this photo, it was a very grey day.

Some embroidered tablecloths that I need like a hole in the head! Only one has a stain. Into the soak with it as soon as applique  quilt comes out.

A lovely piece of needlepoint.

Of course, there were some scarves, but they will have their own post.


  1. Interesting that you found another Horn Bros. blanket, but of course you know my eye went right to the crazy quilt!! Good finds.

  2. The Horn Bros blankets seem to be coming out these days, I love this one.

  3. ooooh, love the crazy quilt!

  4. Yes, I was thrilled when I saw it, I kicked over a foot stool displayed near buy as I rushed to snatch it.

  5. I laughed at the vision of you catching sight of that quilt and making a dash for it. It's lovely but I always find it sad that somebody put all that work into something and it ends up being unused and ultimately consigned to the charity shop. However, in this case, it has been rescued and can now be rehomed.

  6. I think that most items eventually find the right home.


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