17 November 2014

quilt show

The York Heritage Quilters Guild held  held their tri-annual (is that the word for every 3 years?) exhibition this weekend at Edwards Gardens here in Toronto.

I went along.

This was my favorite quilt, made from fabrics collected whilst the maker was touring France. I think she started it while travelling.

One of the very few  real ' scrappy' quilts on display. ( below)
  Although there were many magnificent quilts to be seen,  I am not intrigued by the ones that made from pre-packaged  matchy-matchy  fabric bundles.

Technically proficient, but they reveal very little about the maker.....perhaps she/he is unsure of their own taste.

Some were for sale at IMO very reasonable prices. $600 for a huge, original homemade quilt! You can pay that for a factory made item just because it has Ralph Lauren written on it.

You can see my taste runs to the more traditional patterns and blocks.

Reproduction cottons below, the maker wanted to use up her scraps from the previous quilt and had made 64 two and one half inch fans that were used for the border,

Smaller art quilts or wall hangings around the corridors, 'Urban Growth' caught my eye.

I was exhausted, so I sat down for a coffee and scone

to peruse my treats.


  1. It's always fun to 'see' a quilt show through someone else's eyes. Thank you!

    1. Ahh, perhaps you would have seen a completely different show. Next time we should go together.

  2. I bet you had a great time Jan.
    I am sometimes guilty of matchy matchy bundles but only if they are pre-cut. I'm not unsure of my colour matching abilities or taste but of my cutting accuracy!!


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