05 June 2014

Better late than never

My favorite garden bouquet of the year. Lilac with lily of the valley.

So what if it is June already, the perfume wafts through the house.

I'm sure I show you this every year, along with images of the last bouquet of the  year.


  1. What a perfect floral partnership.

    Jean x

    1. thanks Jean...as i said, its my favorite.

  2. Anonymous06 June, 2014

    I can understand this combo being your favorite--the scents are so lovely and powerful! All I can smell when I go outside these days is the lilies of the valley.

  3. Whats more its the 'first' garden bouquet of the year

  4. We have several lilac trees in the garden - one of them is white - they have all finished now but a few weeks ago they smelt divine. I would love to bring them inside but I'm sure it's supposed to be unlucky - so I don't. And I'm not even superstitious!

  5. My mum always told me 'the more you pick it,the more it grows' or was that rhubarb?

  6. How pretty they are! I love lilacs but don't dare bring them inside...not if I value such a simple matter as breathing.

  7. I love both of these flowers....and I can imagine the scent. It must be heavenly


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