15 May 2014

Scarf of the month...May

May's choice.
From my personal collection.

Chosen because it is
* 1950s....ever so.
*  hand rolled on two sides and  to the selvedge on the width.....which indicates to me that it was screen printed on 34" wide silk ( this is a feature I love and often look for)
* a Lanvin
* Low keyed label

In fact, I particularly like the label.
I have never understood why it is desirable to have double Cs printed or woven onto every surface, or to parade about with  "Tommy" written across the chest ( specially if your name is Carole or Jon)

I have some other designer scarves in my shop.
Forgive the shameless self promotion but one has to do what one has to do.


  1. I always admire the scarves you show us and often manage to proceed from that to feeling guilty because I have several in the drawer that I have never used. I guess I'm just not a scarf kind of gal.

    1. tut,tut, tut,
      you still manage to look good.

  2. A lovely one. I'm with you on the brand name emblazoned across chests/bags etc. I remember being in a (discount) designer shop one time and a couple of women wouldn't buy a bag they liked because it didn't have the brand name prominently displayed. My theory is, the less you look as if you can afford designer labels, the more likely you are to need everybody to see that you have one.

  3. hmmm....do you sell wellies I wonder? lol...

  4. I agree about hating over-visible labels on things. Why pay a fortune to look like a walking advert?


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