21 May 2014

more goodies

That very naughty Mary Ann has done it again. She sent me another huge stack of vintage knitting patterns from her neck of the woods,  in a package so heavy I nearly fractured my other arm.
A prize is the Monarch Jubilee edition, 1948. I'm sure it is worth a fortune.

Lots of interesting patterns I have never seen before.

  Some op shop wool I bought in NZ this year might be just right for this swing jacket.

  Not sure I want to meet this little sweetheart in a back alley.

 I believe I first 'met' Mary Anne  commenting on one of  Karens early blogs.
  Linda, from Razzle Dazzle Quilter also sent me some great NZ knitting patterns earlier this year, how lucky I am.

  Blog buddies are the best.


  1. I know--my blog buddies are wonderful, and so are your's obviously XX

  2. Dawn...I consider you one of them

  3. Moi? Naughty? Say it isn't so!! B'sides, I thought those were better than sending you a get well card. Enjoy them!

    1. they sure are.....and if I remember a lovely card with an image of wool was included.

  4. Wow! Look at those knees.
    I bet you'll have fun looking through these.
    (p.s. I'll send you a convo re those dresses)

  5. Wow! Much pattern envy. Those look fab.

    1. yes they are, I am having a great time with them, I read them like novels


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