18 February 2014


Beautiful, original pareos are displayed everywhere in Rarotonga,

at the market, on the streets and by the side of the roads.

  Printed, tie dyed or painted,

every color imaginable and very reasonable.

I was so spoiled for choice I needed the above help.

Want to know how to tie one? see here.

Finally I chose a primitive print,

rather like a finger painting in tomato ketchup on a kraft box.


  1. I would have gone for the same print you did. It's tactile quality will age well.

  2. ......or potato printing. I love the colours of the one you chose and it looks all sort of 'vintagey'.
    WIth all the pareos hanging on the lines like that it reminds me of when we went to Tobago some years ago and my youngest was about 2. We bought her a very basic little tie-dye dress from a vendor on the beach and then she wouldn't wear anything else for the rest of the holiday.

  3. It was hand printed on the island. Yeh....does have a vintagey feel, didn't think of that.

  4. I love all the bright colours - very happy looking. SO much nicer than the dull snowy yucky awful outdoors here right now.

  5. beautiful cloth Jan...my favourite is the black and white but I guess you knew I would say that!

  6. MA....back March 24th...hope its better by then.


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