22 February 2014

Nelson, NZ.

Our rental apartment put out the flag for us when we arrived in Nelson, NZ. 

We are happy to be back in this delightful small town. It has 3 weekly markets ( a post of their own),   a well curated art gallery,  several private galleries,  lots of thrifts stores ( another post!!),  a lively music scene, a great cinema showing all the latest releases,  'live at the Met' and an interesting mix of art films. There is a French film festival starting  in March.

I will pass on some of the antique stores..... my favorite is Vintage on Vanguard Street, with a certain personal touch. Always well displayed, resonable and very friendly.

I'm also happy to frequent a terrific butcher, a super Swedish bakery , and Guytons, the best fish shop in the world. 

Hurrah   ....here for 6 weeks!


  1. Welcome back to New Zealand. I have some vintage knitting patterns I would be happy to pass onto you if you would like them.
    In Taupo

  2. You do get about without a crutch Jan (as my mother would say!). I like the look of those blankets. I am constantly stalking my local charity shop at the moment because our newest dog has a penchant for chewing up the dog bed blankets and I can get them there for a few euros. However, sometimes I like them and so still get upset when she shreds them. Ah, well - I'm sure she'll grow out of it. Have a great time in that lovely town.

    1. the blankets here are very nice. ( as one would expect in acountry with 10xs as many sheep as people)...I see lots of pastel checks which we don't seem to get at home.

  3. Lucky you--I love your NZ posts.

  4. Definitely a whole lot of warmth-envy going on from this part of the world!


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