19 September 2013

last few weeks

We are making the best of the last few weeks of summer at our cabin in the Georgian Bay.

As usual I took along plenty of mending and knitting. The 1930s Dresden Plate just needed a rebind and it washed up well,

 But these two, alas, are a little to far gone and will have to be sold as 'cutters'.

It is my favorite time of year, not many people about. But we do have a new friend.


  1. Jan, what an idyllic spot this looks to have a cabin. I love your new friend by the way, such gorgeous skin.

  2. Enjoy the time you have left...we all know winter will be here all too soon! Must say I like your new little friend...he/she is quite pretty.

  3. how can you tell if it is a he or a she?


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