06 June 2013

quilts at the cottage

A new season of mending/tarting up/ getting ready to sell  bashed up quilts.
I do this entirely by hand with what ever is available at our summer cabin in the Georgian Bay  of Lake Huron.

First up, charming 30s Dresden Plate, very rough around the edges, was rebound with an old sheet that had just the right amount of fade. I think I must have used this sheet before as there is very little left.

The 25 patch with the lilac sashing has a pretty print back turned to the front to bind. Again the edges were very torn, so I made the 1 1/2" bind smaller by using just the front part. The original wide border had much more panache than the rather anemic 1/4"  border I ended up with....the blocks look as if they are floating away, but, it will have to do. 

Dramatic emerald green and white 'Drunkards Path'. Quite fragile all over. The borders had obviously been mended/changed before, and two sides  borders had been hacked off, so I did not feel obliged to do anything in keeping. However, I did have available, from my limited cabin supply, two rolls of vintage cotton strips. Bright Christmas red and a deep rosy red.


I settled on the rosy red. Now in the process of adding a narrow 1/4"bind.

It was so cold and windy on the way over to our island by boat that the lid of the food cooler was blown away.


I had been thinking of picking up a baby bath at a garage sale to use for soaking quilts, but now the old cooler is the official soaker tub.
 Much better than leaving it at the dump.


  1. I think my niece is up at the island cottage (or should it be cabin?) Anyhow, picking the boat up at Beacon Marine Point au Baril yesterday....

  2. yes Pippa, thats fairly near us, Unfortunately the weather has taken a turn for the worse.

  3. How wonderful that you give these quilts a new lease of life.

  4. I love the Dresden Plate one Jan.

    Just thinking about being on a boat in windy weather makes me go a bit green.

    Yippee! I see you've found out how to reply to comments.


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