27 June 2013

On the line

Some quilts on the line in June.
Please excuse my rather pedestrian side drive.
I always hang a new quilt up so I can assess it.....sometimes I have little idea of the condition.

19th century red and white  Monkey  Wrench / Hens and Chickens /  Churn Dash /  Hole in the Barn Door ( Brackman 1850)   That most traditional of blocks.
 I can't resist showing Oliver playing hide and seek.

1930s lilac quilt hand embroidered with a columbine motif......I think this motif/transfer has passed my way before.

19th century 'Snowball' very much the worse for wear but still dramatic.

 Starburst....from about 1900 and a rather ugly Colonial Lady....I"ll never sell it with a remark like that. Lets say it has character.

It look nicer from behind the quince bush.  
All these quilts need some help, except Snowball which is beyond repair and will be sold 'as is' ,
I think I have my work cut out for me.


  1. Amazing finds Jan, I love the monkey wrench one. Where on earth do you come across such beauties? Surely not in the charity shops? Good luck with the makeovers. x

  2. your little pedestrian is extremely cute!! He enhances the quilts beautifully.


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