07 April 2013

Liberty alert

An unusual vintage Liberty scarf came my way last week.

 Not that the traditional paisley pattern is unusual, rather that there is an additional 'art nouveau' type label and a hand rolled hem. I wonder if it was made for another store.....in another country perhaps.

Also, some more for my Liberty collection. Lovely soft sage green paisley and another colorway of the floral I found the week before last. Strange how this happens....didn't Einstein say 'random finds come in clusters' 


  1. They really are beautiful!
    I don't know if you can access BBC iplayer in Canada, but on last nights Antiques Roadshow a lady had a wonderful collection of vintage handkerchiefs, they made me think of you. (It's around 17 minutes into the program.)
    Hope it's available for you to see.
    Very best wishes,
    Rose H

  2. Gorgeous. Even the label is pretty!


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