06 November 2012

what was I thinking of???

R found a large tupperware box at the back of the garage. Chock a' block with vintage scarves that I must have bought at some point. About 350 darlings and  I can not remember one of them. They have not seen the light of day for at least 12 years and some still have the thrift store tags (thrift stores have gone up in price quite a bit, I note).  A bit damp and a little smelly by now, nevertheless it is like Alladin's cave to me.

Part of the yield is a bunch of Liberty scarves.

Whoops...forgot this one. Even I did not recognize this print.

1950s oblong  woven rayon scarves, most likely made in France.

 My all time favorites, these old foulards that I generically call Macclesfield prints,

 always with a modest colour range and selvedge to 2 sides....more about these at another point.

 A fun bunch of 1950s neckerchiefs,very 'Roman Holiday'.

Lots, lots more, so I am busy working my way through them one by one, washing, ironing, and listing in my etsy shop. They are coming up very well.
I will loose a few, about 10% from either my original mistakes or from storage.
I have a very vague idea there may be another box somewhere as well .....I do hope so.


  1. Ooh, I love it when you come across something lovely you'd forgotten about. You will be busy with the camera and the keyboard!!

  2. What beautiful treasure chest to (re)discover :o)
    Rose H

  3. Ohhh I love the pink one in the 'roman holiday' theme scrumptious!
    Bestest Daisy j x

  4. I love this passion of yours for old scarfs! I have 5 or 6 of those found in a thrift store, and each time I go (I try not to go as often as I used to...) I "jump" in the scarf basket, hoping to find my next beauty! I would happily jump in your box too... I just discovered your blog!

  5. How could you forget a box of such beautiful scarves? Easily done, I found a sewing machine in a cupboard I have no recollection of buying. A bit worrying...
    I found the Macclesfield scarves particularly interesting. When researching my family tree I found three generations of silk weavers in the 19th century, working in Manchester, Salford and Leek. At some point they must have been in Macclesfield, because one of the children was born there.
    Now if you ever come across some 19th century English silk ribbon can I lay an ancestral claim to it?


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