24 November 2012

my red socks

I am in love with my red woolen socks. They come from The Custom Woolen Mills  in Carstairs, Alberta.

 Bought at The Purple Sock, the LYS I frequent in the summer on my way to the cabin. We always stop in Coldwater.

There is another pair in a much larger size waiting to go under the Christmas tree.


  1. I'd be in love with those socks too! I love red and these look so cozy. I tried knitting a pair of socks for Jack once and swore that it wasn't an experience I would repeat. Never say never though because I'm contemplating trying again!

  2. I've just received some handknit socks to put under the tree for Mr. T. I can knit quite well but have never got round to turning a heel and I'm not sure I want to start now. I'll stick to what I know. Your socks look lovely & cosy.

  3. They sure do look cozy and warm. Love the color too!

  4. glad to see you have lovely warm feet!!


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