12 March 2012

I knew I was right.

Remember this? I was positive this silk scarf was an old Liberty print and today I found another in a different colorway with the vintage tag. It is quite filthy so I'm off to wash it in Eucalan, as I do all my scarves. (not paid for by Eucalan though that would be nice)

 At the same thrift/charity/op shop I picked up a souvenir from The Costa Line  A bit newer than I usually buy, but sure to become collectible soon, don't you think?

Bethany has just let me know she has featured a couple of my souvenir scarves in her glamorous  blog from Australia...all in all a good day.


  1. I NEVER find sny thing worth while in charity shops, your so lucky!

  2. Oh, I find too much in charity shops! Just discovered a few here in Paris.
    Jan, the way Costa's going at the moment, looks like hard times ahead. It's the only cruise line I've been on (2x) and I loved it!

  3. Great finds! Don't see many silk scarves in the charity shops here.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Charity shops in the UK haven't got much good stuff in them any more, love the Liberty's scarf and think you need to strike a deal with Eucalan ;-)

  5. The Liberty scarf is very pretty. Hope it came clean in the wash!

  6. You have such a lovely blog! I adore vintage textiles, esp tablecloths but have branched to scarves, tea towels and barkcloth.


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