27 February 2012

Necessity is the mother of invention

With no mannequin to photograph scarves on I had to come up with some other props  to use whilst on my travels.

The old fashioned cottage we rented  in Paramata furnished this statuette, not entirely successful.

 So I tried the back of a chair.

  A wooden coat hanger was the simplest way to go in Nelson.

Shameless self promotion here , as all the scarves are for sale in my etsy shop foulardfantastique, that I was eager to keep open for the two months I was in New Zealand. It has been quite a successful experiment, lots of scarves have been sold (50 do not take up much room in my luggage, about the size of a shoe box) and I have the perfect excuse to pop in every opportunity (thrift/charity) shop that I see to replenish the stock.


  1. How wonderful that you could keep your shop inventory with you! I bet you found some lovely things along the way...and some perfectly able models (chair, statue...)


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