21 February 2012

Knitting News

I have just discovered The Knitter, a UK magazine, found at the Nelson library . I borrowed these 3 issues and am hooked, would love a subscription.  But, my dears, the price! 5 pounds 99 ( no sterling key) per issue. I have trolled the thrift stores for some back issues in vain, so it is off to the library tomorrow for more, hope no one has them out.

On the subject of thrift stores, here are some vintage patterns  picked up in Richmond yesterday (at an op shop that shall be nameless). Pleased to find a little pattern calling for 4 ply ( I had just bought enough at The St Vincent de Paul op shop, in a lovely old fashioned eau de nil color), written for size 18 months. (bottom right) As I am not much cop at re -sizing and writing my own patterns and I decided that this would be my next project as Oliver is now 14 months old.  But alas....the middle pages  of the book were missing! Grrrr. Not the first time this has happened.

 However, this morning, as I was doing my rounds in Nelson I spied a big box outside an op shop with the sign ' FREE...do not take the container'. Lots of scraps, none more than about 3 yards, some only 9". All pure wool, most pieces appear to be home spun and home dyed with  beautiful, saturated colours that you only get with vegetal dyes. There are even some pieces of dyed fleece. There is about  1lb . I love it and am sure I can put most of the wool to good use. Even a little trim on a sweater will give the garment a lift. I am busy untangling and sorting.

Thank you Nelson Red Cross


  1. I love old knitting patterns - they look like a good mixture.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. :D The Knitter is the sister magazine to my own - they work on the next bank of desks. Hope your library has some back issues. You could also try asking in their Ravelry group in case anyone's getting rid of their old mags and doesn't want them any more (although people do tend to keep them).

  3. I agree, our magazines are very expensive for what they are. I rarely buy one unless it has something particular in that i want to try.

  4. Loving the vintage patterns and yarn mix...have fun.
    I had a subscription to The Knitter, it is a lovely magazine but after 2 years it's beginning to be a bit same same so have stopped subs. If you are interested you can buy issues of me as I need to make room in my studio. Am I right in thinking your daughter lives in Yorks or somehwere? I could ship to her and then you can collect or she can bring..well have a think!

  5. I was going to suggest Ravelry too ..you can also post a 'wanted' request on their boards too. The folks over there are very helpful.Good Luck.

  6. how frustrating to have the middle pages missing! But what a find, I hope you are enjoying the untangling!
    : )

  7. The magazines look lovely Jan, thanks for mentioning them, new to me. I'll have a look through my old pattern books - the little boy and his sweater in the bottom right sort of rings a bell in my head [perhaps I have the instructions]. Love your box of goodies, and wish you well with the use of it all. Take care.


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