28 November 2011


Whilst lying in bed this morning I mused how few (none) vintage blanket labels I had added to my flickr collection recently,

when it struck me I was underneath a couple right then. A nice Kenwood, which was the house label for Eatons, a Canadian department store chain,

and a really ugly label from New Zealand on an otherwise lovely cantaloupe and cream check wool blanket. Never have been a duvet person.

Speaking of wool, may I draw your attention to this, needled , a well written blog that I read almost every day. This post is about a favorite sweater. Kate is a designer who lives in Edinburgh.


  1. Will check out your newest flickr additions pronto. I love blanket labels, you're right about that N.Z. one...definetely ugly.
    Blanket looks cosy though...

  2. I have gotten a kick out of the labels on the blankets and other things I inherited from my Mother. So much history in a label....

  3. I love reading Kate's blog too, she is well know in the knitting world over here as she has a vast knowledge on knitting history.

  4. Great labels Jan. I must go and look at some of my older blankets, make sure what their labels look like. They are 40 years old, and still in use [wool, of course]. Thanks for the link to the blog, will be great reading. Love anything to do with knitting. Cheers.

  5. Aha--lovely post! Thanks for the blog links, too--will check out Kate's blog...


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