22 November 2011

Bonus market day

A bonus day at The Brickworks Farmers Market.

The winter indoor space is not ready for the farmers yet so some of us set up outside one last time.
A new spot for me, but it does help to have the van beside me.
Apparently there is no room for non-food vendors throughout the winter, alas. It is my favorite market, plus I get to do the grocery shopping.

I have just picked up a couple of 1940s quilts. The rather rustic Dresden Plate is already up on etsy.

and this one with embroidered roses soon will be!

each rose is a different colour. I always hang a new find up on the line, that way I can give it a thorough inspection.

Roses seems to be in very good, clean condition, I am hoping for the rain that is forecast to give it a good rinse so I will not have to wash it.


  1. Love those tartan blankets!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. lovely quilts and cosy blankets - especialy like the roses quilt!

  3. Hello Jan, love the blankets too. I remember them being all the rage here as car rugs when I was a teenager and then young mother. What interesting produce you have on offer over there. Pumpkins are quite expensive here at the moment, hence our efforts to grow a few ourselves this year. Take care, stay warm.

  4. Hi Jan,

    You always have the most spectacular finds. I made your shop an Etsy favourite of mine. Love the roses one you show here.

    Are you reading anything good? I'm reading At Home by Bill Bryson.

  5. I just came across your blog through your etsy store. I am also a lover of vintage fabrics! I have added your blog to my bookmarks so I can check it out on a regular basis. It is fun to find people who have similar interests!
    -A fan from California

  6. Hi Jan, Thanks for stopping by and posting to my blog about the "Indian" image quilts I discovered recently. Two more similar quilts have been found today so I have added more photos! Just google Quilt History Reports to see them. Your blog is always fun to browse. I don't even have to get in my car to see all that great stuff you come across in the markets! Cheers! Karen


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