24 August 2011

way behind this week

Way behind with the blog this week as we left the computer in the boat in the marina (hidden from view). Last week my plan was to have re bound this 1930s 9-patch. It is a bit pink...either some color bleed, in the wash with a red towel or deliberately over dyed. The latter, I think, as it is a very even color.

Some baby blue bias I had in my stash was chosen Then I discovered a few more surface tears. Can I mend them? will it be worth my time to bind if I can't mend the tears....so I put this project aside for the moment.

I had taken some red cotton thread to mend my cottage pile of red point blankets, but it was too hot to deal with this.

So I sat in the gazebo and read 3 books my daughter had left for me. A Norwegian detective series set in Oslo by Jo Nesbo...and I am hooked. Two more to go. So much for my reading more DH Laurence this summer.

Fortunately my two daughters, SIL and DIL are all avid readers and I never lack for a new recommendation.

The modern art hanging from the rafters is Oliver's Jolly Jumper.


  1. I laughed when I read about your 'modern art' - it brought to mind when our oldest practically lived in his generally with drool dripping off his elbows. It's a wonder he didn't wear a hole in the floor!

  2. What a beautiful view outside that door and beyond the balcony/porch. Wow.

  3. You know I live vicariously through your posts don't you? You are living the dream...

    Warm hugs,

  4. I love that quilt. I wish I had time to quilt. Gorgeous view.

  5. What a view!! I am envious.

  6. I love Jo Nesbo, I think we have all of his books (well, those translated to English, anyway!).
    Some very good crime books have come out of Scandinavia.


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