14 August 2011

french shutters

Alas, yesterdays market at the Brickworks was another disappointment. First, I left my market bag in the van, with my business cards, camera, signs and other paraphernalia so could not take any pics. Click here for some images from last year when I was doing well and it was fun.
It was boiling hot and apart from a couple of folks who came specially to see me, and one of my old customers who managed to find me it was a poor day.
I did manage to take a look at the chimney court which has been renovated and turned into an amazing childrens eco site with all kinds of innovative activities. I will try to blog about that when I have my camera with me.
My avi, that you see on the right was also painted at the farmers market in better times. It was painted by my good friend Barbara Muir.

So to cheer myself up I am showing you some photographs taken last May during my holiday in the Aveyron district in France...

I had a fascination with shutters...lovely, saturated colors.

and generally had a wonderful time, specially here.

Promise to get back to vintage textiles and quilts next time.


  1. So sorry the market didn't go well.

  2. Love the shutters.

  3. I'm diggin' the shutters...

    LOVE the purple ones!!

  4. LOVE these shutters. We're lucky enough to have them in our Victorian house, but they're internal. External ones are soooooo much prettier!!

  5. Greetings from Tunisia! I happened upon your interesting blog while surfing the net and hugging the AC. The quilts and textiles you show are just so lovely. I'm working on several of my grandmother's quilts that nobody wanted because they are in such poor shape. I love shutters, too, but for practical reasons--they work so well as additional insulation for a house. I have a stack of old shutters, retired from my house, that I'm trying to figure out what to do with!
    best, nadia

  6. n0 need to apologise about the camera mishap...the shutters are gorgeous. More than enough compensation.

  7. I'm off to Il-de-Re shortly and those shutters have wetted my appetite for my trip across the channel! Re Camden Market it's not as touristy as Portabello Market but is definitely on the antique tourist trail these days.

  8. Thanks for following my blog. My sister is an active quilter and teacher of quilting. I've loved collecting quilts and fabric.
    - Joy

  9. So so so so SO glad I stopped by just in time to see some French shutter pictures. The colors are marvelous. I love the old business signs and wrought iron that holds some of them, do you?

  10. What a great variety Jan, thanks so much. I love the purple ones, how cool are they!! These have given me a lift as I struggle getting my head around our class colour exercise this week. So sorry to hear the market days are not going so well. Times are tough everywhere, and I guess people are not really letting go of their cash as much as in the past. Thanks again for being such an enthusiastic friend. Cheers.

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