24 September 2010

treasuries and Hermes and knitting

Here is a little sweater I am knitting from left over 3 ply vintage wool from the 40s - 50s. It was going to be an early Chanel matelot number in black and shell pink stripes, but I could see I would not have enough so I added blue....now I realize even that won't make it, so am adding lilac and yellow (same vintage baby wool) so it will end up being more like a jester or parrot sweater. I like the old labels as much as the yarn.

End of the week must be Hermes day...from my collection.

I'm included in lots of wonderful treasuries this week. The expat team are doing a Herculean job. Living in more than one country and culture gives us all a certain empathy with each other...certainly we seem to share each others humor.

Hopelessy Devoted, an unusual and thoughtful treasury featured my 40s printed cotton. It was put together by LKAdesign, who now lives in Greece. She makes a variety of OOAK objects, often from found objects...really original and fun.

From juanitatortilla comes Home away from Home, nostalgic and charming and showing a soft printed sari from my shop. Juanita now lives in Switzerland, do look at her pretty shop.

Just when you think you've seen it all along comes a treasury that blows you away. Do look at El Dorado, a rich collection that showed another old sari of mine., curated by anacdesigns from the UK. Her wonderful 'eye' is also captured in the delightful jewelry she makes.

lastly, this week one of my vintage wedding dresses made it to You may kiss the bride, an expat challenge treasury that was put together by Anakit, who lives in Germany, but traveles all over Europe...and those influences show in her imaginative jewelry shop.

The problem with the treasuries is that I want to buy so much....so much original talent!!.
Thank you one and all for using vintage items from my etsy shop.


  1. Oh I know how knitting goes when there isn't enough yarn. I'm guilty of this, and end up with the oddest sweaters! Thankfully they were made for myself :D

    Something about that Hermes scarf made me go, 'Hey, that's nice'. (Normally, I am not a scarf kind of girl.)

    Thank you for the shout out! Must be delightful to be included in so many treasuries in a week! I personally love sari cloth!

  2. Another lovely blog sharing the worldwide love of vintage textiles!

  3. Thank you for your comment about my blog and quilt. Blogger didn't give your email, so I do it on this way.
    Beautiful Hermes shawls !


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